• What are swingers?
    Swingers are consenting adults who enjoy seeing each other for erotic or intimate encounters or dating.
  • What about wife swapping?
    Some swingers may enjoy wife swapping while others may not. Some may prefer just to be intimate with their partner while others watch.
  • What are the best web sites for swingers, or, to find swingers?
    Browse through this site and you should find someone, who suits you. We use and recommend the biggest swingers community on the web ourselves. You can register free, chat free and only have to pay a small monthly fee to use the more advanced features. They only feature genuine amateur swingers, both couples and singles, men and women.

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My wife and I swing ALOT and LOVE IT!!! We swing in the parties and swingers clubs, at the school play ground, on the front porch. Its been great for our relationship. Websites really are hard to find about swinging and swingers, although you can find alot of tools to help enhance the swining lifestyle.... some even involve chains... I dont see how anyone can think swining is bad.... it really gets you in better shape what with the physical activity and the sexy time spent together. The only real physical danger is if while swinging someone gets in the way. That can lead to real problems. Good luck I hope you can find the right swing for you here!

Jake L